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The benefits of taking a temporary assignment

A list of misconceptions about temporary and contract work. In Boston, we just racked up the snowiest winter on record and with that, you might think the economy would be suffering. In fact, just the opposite. As a recruiter in Boston, we are seeing quite a bit of hiring activity of all types including temporary assignments. So, we thought we should take time to re-introduce our contract and tem...
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Entrepreneurs Do Create Jobs

By Adam Lentz: This week, the Global Entrepreneurship Index was released. This measures the health of small business start ups. In short, the US leads the pack in terms of entrepreneurship and start ups in the world. We all know that small business is the backbone of the US economy and that’s because small business leads the way in job creation. Last month alone, small business created over 102,0...
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What To Do If You Get Laid Off

If you are laid off from your job there are a few things you should keep in mind. 1. Keep your emotions in check and do not get angry. In most cases of large scale reductions in force, there is buzz going around in advance that something is going to happen. When you are confronted with it, it is normal to become upset but do not act on those feelings. You won’t regret holding back but you will re...
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How to Find a New Job This Summer

Is the summertime a good time to search for a job or do employers back off on hiring? The summer is a great time to job search, and it may give you an edge over others who take the summer off. Also, with online application systems facilitating hiring, the hiring process is working even when the hiring managers are not. So, how do employers decide to start hiring and what are they looking for in ...
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May Jobs Report 2014

The May employment report released on Friday June 6th ran counter to some expectations. The U.S. Labor Department announced 217,000 new jobs were added during the month and that the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.3 percent. Analysts predicting a gain of 210,000-215,000 payroll additions in May were surprised Wednesday when payroll processor ADP’s monthly jobs report estimated a mere 179,000...
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Jobs Report for February

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell and hit a fresh three-month low last week, suggesting a strengthening in labor market conditions. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 315,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. That was the lowest reading since late November. Claims for the week ended March...
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What is Payrolling?

By Neal J. Fay There are many benefits to using third party payroll services. Primarily companies like the flexibility of using a temporary or an on demand workforce. What is often missed is the failure to properly classify the employee and to protect the company from liability by using a payroll service provider for temporary hires they make on their own. Payrolling Service Providers can help a...
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Benefits to Hiring an Unemployed Candidate

There are many benefits to hiring a candidate that is unemployed. The candidate will be eager to work, and will be able to start the new position right away, which can make for an easy transition. Another benefit is they may have used this time to get extra training, certifications, and learn new skills that will be helpful to their employer. To read more about the benefits of hiring an unemploye...
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Where is the hiring activity going to be in 2014?

In this New Year there may be people who have been unemployed and their unemployment is expiring but they don’t know what industry to pursue. Here at King & Bishop we have seen continued growth in the job market, and looking ahead we want to tell you where those new jobs will be. On the national front, both business and consumer confidence strengthened in 2013. The US economy added an average...
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