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Massachusetts Unemployment Rate – Q1 – Q2 2017

Over the last 6 months, the regional economy has been moving at a slower rate than the overall US economy. Our Unemployment Rate is tracking along with these slight reductions in Statewide GDP. The Unemployment rate for May 2017 came in at 4.2%, up, from April at 3.9%. The primary factor to the jump in the Unemployment Rate can be related to a statewide workforce participation rate of 6...
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King & Bishop Jobs Report-For March 2017

The March 2017 Jobs Report came out and the numbers were below the expectations of many experts and analysts. With 98,000 jobs created in March, many experts believe that weather across the country was a significant factor in the lower than average monthly numbers. There were some positives and we go over those in our monthly Jobs Report video. Below is our recap of the March 2017 Jobs Report. ...
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Video-Jobs Report February 2017

Below is our recap of the first full Jobs Report of this new presidential administration. In February, we saw some encouraging news about where we think the employment market is heading. With construction leading the way in job creation and other notable trends, it's worth two minutes of your time to check out our latest jobs report video.  
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Video-How The Jobs Market Did In 2016

It was another great year for job growth in the United States and we got the full picture last Friday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As with every month, we try to give a quick snapshot of the highlights and winners of each month's Jobs Report. This month, we take a look at some of the positive aspects of the last Jobs Report of 2016. We saw tremendous job growth in a number of industries...
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Jobs Market Holds Steady Entering The Fall

Whenever you look at data, especially when you are examining the monthly Jobs Report it's all about placing those numbers in context. While this past Friday's Jobs Report for September 2016 showed gains of 156,000 jobs for the month, we also saw that we have seen the average job gains for the past three months at 192,000. Once again we saw the service industry take the lead in job growth. Profe...
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January Jobs Report- The Good and The Bad

The downside of the report indicates fewer jobs created for the month, coming in at 151,000. This is against steady growth over the past few months coming in at above 200,000 per month. And now let’s look at the upside: First the winning growth categories for the month include; retail with 58,000 jobs, food services with 47,000 jobs and healthcare with 37,000 jobs. Manufacturing added 29,000...
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Small Business Leading The Way In Jobs Report

The November 2015 Jobs Report was issued this past Friday and it did not disappoint. One part of the Jobs Report that we like to see is the continued growth of small business positions. According to the ADP Employment Report issued earlier in the week, small business created over 81,000 jobs in November. That extends the growth of small business jobs we have seen in the past several months. Tak...
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Video-What Does the August 2015 Jobs Report Mean?

This week we recap the latest Jobs Report. Before Labor Day, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued their monthly overview of the jobs market. While it was below estimates, the trend in this county and region continue upward. On average, the US economy is creating over 200,000 jobs per month this year. And the numbers for June and July were revised up to add 44,000 more jobs. View our late...
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