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Executive Services

Positioning Your Organization For New Growth

King & Bishop solves business and leadership problems for clients by helping organizations attract, develop and retain the best talent available.

We provide clients with a portfolio of services that support the lifecycle of talent management, leadership talent and assets – acquisition of talent, on-boarding & assimilation, leadership development and organizational counsel, to ensure business success.

Today, assessing leadership risk is as critical to an organization as assessing financial and strategic risk. Recruiting, retaining and cultivating current and future leaders is vital to a company’s sustainability. At King & Bishop, we understand that challenge. We are senior professionals who have walked in your shoes. We help clients assess and mitigate leadership risk by providing the talent and the counsel that enable clients to better understand their leadership needs and how to assess and build the cultures required to execute strategy and deliver results.

We are your trusted adviser.

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The critical inflection points in your organization where we add value to clients include:

  • Executive search and placement
  • Executive assimilation & onboarding
  • Fractional Leadership
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Interim executive placement
  • Custom support for executive transition
  • Consulting on strategy implementation, pivotal business shifts and organizational change

Executive Search

We have an unrelenting dedication to client service and we are passionately committed to finding the best talent available.

We partner with organizations to ensure the talent they need and the executives we place for them are both appropriate for the specific business needs of the company and that these executives possess the values and personal characteristics that will drive success. We base our search process on a thorough understanding of the strategic, operational & financial issues affecting your business today.

We are your trusted adviser as we work with you to identify issues and define the criteria against which we can identify and evaluate candidates. We also help you assess candidates and provide insights and advice that reflect the dynamic process of acquiring top talent.

Talent Assimilation

Once a search has been completed and the executive is appointed, many companies face the challenge of onboarding. It is no longer enough to provide a traditional onboarding process. It’s imperative that your new hire has every opportunity to begin the new role in the strongest possible way.

King & Bishop Executive Services provides a comprehensive assimilation process that ensures a successful transition. We coach the newly appointed individual and facilitate a process of assimilation that addresses their needs as leaders, capitalizes on their strengths, establishes a cohesive team and develops positive relationships with peers, senior management and the board. Our process provides a strong foundation for success and launches the newly hired executive so they may begin to add value from the outset of the appointment.

We know how difficult the challenges are in finding the best talent. Our value add is that we have been in your seat running organizations and businesses, and we understand in detail the enormous challenges in finding , keeping and developing the best talent available.

Transition Services

Because career transition for executives is fundamentally different than that for individuals at other levels, we offer customized consulting support and services for your senior leaders in transition. Our clients are often at an important inflection point and wish to explore new and unique career paths, even as they evaluate the possibility of another traditional role.

We serve as trusted advisers and provide the resources, advice, connections and relationships they require for success.

Consulting and Interim Executive Placement

We also want to be at your planning table to discuss how we can impact and help you strengthen your organization as it focuses on achieving business goals. Our senior professionals intimately understand the challenges of running a business today and have led organizations through operational and industry change. We are ready to consult with you to identify the best and most viable solutions for your business and for your people.

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