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People Vantage HR, A Division of King & Bishop

Your company may be one of many start-ups or early stage companies in which employee headcount cannot justify a full-time HR position or the HR talent you hire at the stage of your company’s growth  might not fit your future needs.

People Vantage HR – A Ready Made HR Department That Evolves With You

King & Bishop’s People Vantage HR consultancy is a cost-effective way to effectively incorporate a human resources function into your business regardless of the growth stage you’re at.  In short, People Vantage HR is a plug and play department – one that can bring all of the resources needed at various stages of your company’s lifecycle.

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People Vantage HR can act seamlessly as your company’s HR department until you become large enough to cost justify your own department or dedicated HR person.  Our services allow you to focus on the core mission of your company. If you need to augment your existing HR team for projects, surges in HR needs or require to fill roles on an interim basis, that can be done, too.

People Vantage HR Services

Depending upon financial needs, budgetary restrictions, compliance or management expertise, People Vantage HR can provide the following services support:

  • Build out of initial HR infrastructure and key contact point for employees
  • Management of Recruitment function
  • Compensation structure establishment
  • Performance management process implementation
  • Company culture creation and employee engagement catalyst
  • Employee and Leadership training
  • Mergers, acquisition and IPO preparedness

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