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Industry Verticals

Many Industries Rely on the Expertise of King & Bishop

While our recruiters are based in Boston, King & Bishop supports clients across the country through multiple industry sectors. For many, we are the go-to talent acquisition company.

From highly skilled labor and high-tech to hospitality and non-profits  we are able to align our dedicated teams based upon knowledge and insight of your industry. Through our decades of experience, we have developed effective networks through various industries so we are able to make an impact when your talent acquisition needs come to us.

See below a list of some of the more common industries we service. And keep in mind, we have served many others.

  • Software and High Technology
  • Medical Device
  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit
  • Construction, Building and Architecture
  • Health Care/Human Services
  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Legal

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