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Entrepreneurs Do Create Jobs

By Adam Lentz: This week, the Global Entrepreneurship Index was released. This measures the health of small business start ups. In short, the US leads the pack in terms of entrepreneurship and start ups in the world. We all know that small business is the backbone of the US economy and that’s because small business leads the way in job creation. Last month alone, small business created over 102,0...
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3 Ways We Can Help Your Small Business

We know that some small businesses when growing, struggle with certain issues around HR. Those can be compliance with new regulations, creating a growth plan and ways to supplement your HR team. Below are some ways that King & Bishop can help your small business. 1. HR Evaluation During the evaluation our experts will speak with the owner to see what the business has for HR. From this evaluation ...
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HR Services for Small Businesses

When it comes to a small business, typically defined as 49 employees or under, there may be ambiguity about what their HR profile looks like. A small business may need help meeting or navigating compliance issues related to employment, benefits and technology. With the many new regulations that come with programs such as the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, and the Massac...
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