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Temp/Temp to Hire

Giving You Time To Make The Right Decision

There are times when a company is just not ready to put someone in a permanent position and that’s when Temp to Hire services from King & Bishop bring a risk-free staffing model to your company.

Every day we hear from our clients that have used our Temp to Hire service and they are raving about the risk-free and low-cost method of making strategic hires. This is the perfect way to take your time in evaluating candidates without the risk of making a rushed offer.

Here’s how it works: King & Bishop provides your organization with a temporary professional to fill in while you evaluate additional candidates for your opening. Our interim professional, screened by our team, is qualified and effective at meeting the needs of the role and getting the work done.

As you continue through the process of evaluating new talent, consideration may be given to our contract professional. In the event our candidate is considered for your role, you will find our fee model to be flexible and our assistance with on-boarding your new hire, seamless.

Find out why Temp to Hire might be the best, flexible and low-cost solution for your growing organization.

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