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Contract to Hire

Giving You More Time To Make The Right Decision

Finding just the right person to take on a senior role in your organization can take time. In most cases, it should. Making a quick commitment to someone for a higher-ranking position can sometimes lead to a mis-hire and that can have lasting effects on the growth and forward momentum of your company.

That’s where our Contract to Hire programs come in. Our program gives you the opportunity to on-board qualified contract candidates in a senior role in your organization on a contract basis. You screen the candidates and make the best choice for a contract on an interim basis. With our contractor in place, you now have the time to make a well thought out decision in making a permanent hire; while having the professional support of our team at your fingertips.  The contractors are King & Bishop W-2 employees and we are responsible for all compliance and withholding.

Our Contract Staffing and Placement Professionals have placed countless high-skilled professionals in various contract roles that have ultimately led to a direct hire. We’ve done so in a multitude of industries. View our Industry Verticals page to see the industries we support.

Let us show you how our network of senior candidates can help move your company in the right direction.

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