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Career Transition Services

King & Bishop’s Career Transition Services are committed to providing the highest level of targeted services to the employee in transition and the employee whose ongoing development is vital to your company.

The services can be customized to fit the requirements of your company and the needs of your employee. These client-focused services are meant to meet the employee where they are in their particular career situation whether the goal is further skills development or transition to new opportunities.

Career Transition Services are accessible, combining technology tools, one to one coaching, small group workshops, and peer-level networking opportunities. The goal is to bring a positive perspective to this transition. We aid the development of a personal marketing strategy that incorporates a professional brand, that reflects the individual achievement and the unique value of strengths and skills; create targeted networking strategies that are objective driven; develop tools and skills that articulate and demonstrate the value brought to and align with the needs of a new opportunity.

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Our Leadership and Management Development coaching programs can enhance the skills of those employees whose performance is critical to your company’s success. Whether it is the leader, who wants to refine their skills or first-time managers who need to learn new skills. A seasoned employee whose skills need sharpening or the high performing employees whose development is strategic to your company’s goals, we work with you to create the program to best align with the particular needs and personality.

Our programs include the following;

  • Outplacement/Career Transition
  • Customized Outplacement for all levels (high tech and high touch)
  • Executive Outplacement
  • State-of-the-Art Technology – Cloud-Based Job Search with Research, Tools and Resources
  • Retirement and Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Restructuring/Downsizing Consulting
  • Layoff Planning and Management
  • Communications Strategy Support
  • Notification Training for Managers
  • Day-of-Notification Support
  • Executive Coaching
  • Client Tracking and Search Outcomes Reporting

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