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Five High-Growth, High-Paying Careers

If you are looking to pursue a new career, it may be wise of you to look for jobs with high growth and pay potential. According to the U.S. Department of Labor data some career paths are projected to grow by at least 16 percent through 2022 and have a median salary of at least $75,000 per year. Jobs such as Information Security Analyst and Civil Engineer are among the careers that are projected ...
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Resume Formatting Tips

A resume is important to making a good impression when looking for a job. If you have your resume formatted correctly, you will stand out, be noticed by recruiters and maybe even get the job. Below are some tips from King & Bishop’s Leto Papadopoulos and Tasha Schlake Festel on formatting your resume so you won’t get overlooked. -Executive Summary A recruiter likes to see a good executive...
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Benefits to Hiring an Unemployed Candidate

There are many benefits to hiring a candidate that is unemployed. The candidate will be eager to work, and will be able to start the new position right away, which can make for an easy transition. Another benefit is they may have used this time to get extra training, certifications, and learn new skills that will be helpful to their employer. To read more about the benefits of hiring an unemploye...
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