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Ray Ritter

PV Sales Managing Director Ray Ritter is a senior executive with a 25-year track record leading technical organizations and sales teams. He is well-versed in developing and implementing growth strategies based on market needs and has extensive experience assessing organizational capabilities, building, and coaching sales teams.

Ray was recently VP of Sales at Labsphere, a provider of photonic instruments and products for medical device, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. Prior to Labsphere, Ray held various VP of Sales positions including CCS Technology/Brooks Automation, Blueshift Technologies, and Cambridge NanoTech (acting). Ray’s time leading organizations includes President of Lighthouse Strategix where he advised clients on sales and growth strategies, CEO of McClellan Automation, a provider of custom robotics, and President at Cambridge NanoTech, a provider of nanotech instruments and equipment.

Ray began his career as a technologist with engineering degrees from Rutgers University (BSME) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (MSME).

Reach Ray directly: rritter@kingbishop.com