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Let Us Find Your Next Great Hire

In Boston and beyond, King & Bishop has established a reputation for finding just the right talent in the ever challenging labor market.  Across the country and across the pond, more and more organizations are relying on what King & Bishop can bring to a company. With decades of talent acquisition experience, our staffing consultants have developed effective networks and an understanding of what it takes to help you identify and retain key talent for competitive organizations.

So, when is the right time to consider a retained search? Do you need to raise the skill level of the candidate pipeline? What are the critical factors in your organization, time or quality? The highly experienced team at King & Bishop can answer all these questions and many more and get your growing organization the right resources.

Our retained search models permit the commitment of our skilled team and technology resources to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your candidate development process.

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Contact us today to learn more about our retained search models. We can help assess your situation and discover a model that brings the best possible outcome for your organization.

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