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The benefits of taking a temporary assignment

A list of misconceptions about temporary and contract work.

In Boston, we just racked up the snowiest winter on record and with that, you might think the economy would be suffering. In fact, just the opposite. As a recruiter in Boston, we are seeing quite a bit of hiring activity of all types including temporary assignments. Jackets IMG_20150305_165458586_HDR

So, we thought we should take time to re-introduce our contract and temporary placement services to you. King & Bishop has been providing these services for nearly 35 years and we concur that much has changed in the temporary placement market; much for the better. However we still run into pockets of reluctance from time to time and wanted to debunk some of the common misconceptions about contract and temporary staffing.

Here are a few misconceptions:

Temporary jobs and contract assignments pay less and the work is not as rewarding. Not True. Today more companies are looking to the consultant, contract and temporary labor market to fill a wide range of roles including, knowledge workers, managers and executives. In most cases, these workers trade in some benefits for stronger compensation. In many cases, the direct compensation will be 10% – 20% more for the same work performed by an “in house” employee.

Temporary assignments do not last long enough to be valued and may take too long to land. The average time to fill a direct role can be months. For contract or temporary work, think in terms of days or weeks and the average duration of a temporary assignment can be several to many months, or longer.

Temporary jobs are mainly for administrative roles or low-level work. While it’s true that decades ago temporary staffing began with administrative and light industrial roles, today temporary jobs are found in a wide range of industries, professions and levels of the organization. Companies in high growth mode may resort to on-board talent quickly and efficiently through contract or temporary staffing. Gaps created in an organization through leave, departure or other talent transition may be best filled by temporary or contract professionals.

Temporary and contract assignments do not advance a career and are obstacles to career growth. Workers in technology, finance, HR and healthcare enjoy the experience of working for several organizations in a shorter period of time. That provides great exposure to different industries, technology and management practices. In most situations, successful assignments provide the opportunity to develop a broader experience that will make the candidate more valuable to the next opportunity.

Taking a temporary position impedes your efforts to land a permanent job. Not True. In many assignments, the incumbent candidate, the one actually doing the work, is the often the lead candidate to fill the internal role. The use of the “temp-to-perm” hiring practice as a way to evaluate candidates for “in-house” roles and make sure there is a match on both sides before extending a permanent offer.

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, contact our team today and find out about the wide range of services we provide when it comes to placing candidates in temporary or contract roles. After 30 plus years, we have a team that can create a solution to your needs.