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Resume Formatting Tips

A resume is important to making a good impression when looking for a job. If you have your resume formatted correctly, you will stand out, be noticed by recruiters and maybe even get the job. Below are some tips from King & Bishop’s Leto Papadopoulos and Tasha Schlake Festel on formatting your resume so you won’t get overlooked.

-Executive Summary
A recruiter likes to see a good executive summary that gives a picture of who the candidate is before they have to look through their experience. This is important because recruiters get a lot of resumes every day, so the best thing as a candidate is to get someone’s attention from the beginning, with a descriptive and detailed executive summary to help you stand out.

When helping candidates create resumes, keywords are essential. Leto will go through job descriptions with candidates and find the job keywords. A recruiter uses those keywords to search for candidates resumes. If you don’t have those keywords in your resume you won’t show up in the search and you may get ignored.

-Show Results
It’s important to show what makes you different. Candidates will be overlooked if they don’t show their results and what’s great about them. Also, your resume should illustrate what you have done in your career, such as a list of technologies you have used. If the candidate doesn’t do this they could be overlooked.

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