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Paid Leave In Massachusetts- Is Your Company Ready?

On July 1, 2015, the Massachusetts Sick Leave Law will go into effect. In short, a Massachusetts employer must provide employees with one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. All employees start accruing sick time starting on July 1, 2015. Here are a few important details of the new law: Full and part time employees of companies that have 11 or more on staff are eligible for sick lea...
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You Made a Great Hire…Now What?

Any hire you make is an investment in the future growth of your organization. Make the right hire and get them up to speed and you’ll hopefully see great things from that new addition. Bringing them on board and not having a clear plan to make them part of the team quickly can result in a great hire gone bad. And that only costs your company time, money and other valuable resources. In the v...
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More tips on making a great hire

Making a great hire can do wonderful things for your organization. It can move your company in the right direction, help with growth and improve performance in that given department or area. Making a bad hire can do just the opposite; and have far more lasting effects than if you made a great hire. Hiring is a big step for some companies. While a great hire is an investment in your future growt...
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Why should my company use a recruiter?

There are many cases in business when outsourcing certain critical tasks makes perfect sense. Many companies outsource their accounting and collections, others outsource marketing and PR tasks. What also makes a lot of sense for many reasons is hiring a recruiter to help you build your team. Especially if you are a small business and don’t have a full time HR department in your organization. He...
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How to have a great job interview

We could write a book on this topic and maybe we should but for now, our expert recruiters thought they would offer those hitting the job market with a few tips on how to ace a job interview. If your resume was written well enough to get you in the door, then you’ll want to take the next step in ensuring you keep that forward momentum going. Here are a few things you should do that you might no...
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Using Social Media to Recruit Talent-SBANE Workshop

We are constantly hearing about social media and all its uses (and misuses…). Whether we like it or not, social media right now, is here to stay. There are plenty of ways to use social media to your advantage as a business and one way is to use it to help build your team. How do we as employers use social media to find the best talent? That’s the topic of our next presentation with SBANE, and the...
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Why should we have job descriptions?

Friction free recruiting. We are all looking for ways to move the process along while bringing efficiency to the process and presenting the client with quality submittals. What can we jettison in this process? Let’s take a look at the job description. Should we replace with a few short bullet points in an e-mail or tweet? The short answer to the question is no. With the advent of startups, new bu...
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