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Our Recruiters Share Tips on Great Hires

Hiring just the right candidate for your company is not only an investment but over time, can and should help your company grow. Putting the right person in the right role should make your organization better; period.Head Hunter - Recruiter

Placing the wrong person in your company can have just the opposite effect. Long-term growth can turn into long term fiasco with lasting damage to your company and reputation.

When looking at your hiring plans for your organization, there are several items that should be on that list when it comes to who you want working for your organization. Who represents your company and how you get there are very important things to consider.

You might guess that we would be in favor of this first piece of advice, but partnering with a recruiting firm to help you find just the right talent can be a very wise investment. Recruiters and staffing consultants can really make an impact right up front. Your team can scan resumes, hold initial interviews and also go through their network of trusted candidates and referral sources to find you a good fit.

What else should you be considering?

Skills: Your candidate should be skilled and knowledgeable about the potential role they might take with your organization. When scanning resumes and speaking with potential talent, make sure you’re satisfied with the level of proficiency they have for that specific role. Recruiters do this all day long; assessing the level of skill of the candidate they are about to present. In short, ask the right questions.

Is this person a good fit? And by that we mean, will they assimilate into the culture of the organization. If your organization is very laid back and you’re recruiting for a company that has a very strict corporate culture, you might want to think twice about whether this will be a good fit for both the company and the candidate.

Enthusiasm and character: These are two traits that can set one candidate apart from the other. In your screening process, you should gauge the enthusiasm of your candidate. They don’t need to be Tony Robbins but they should be eager to do a good job for the company. A person who wants to perform the best they can is usually one that has decent character. They will go above and beyond and hopefully be a true asset to your organization.

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