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How to recruit top talent for a startup company

You’ve been brainstorming and planning for what seems like forever. You have your core team in place whether it be partners, investors and other trusted advisors and now you’re ready to take the next step; hiring your team for your startup venture.You're Hired Rubber Stamp

At this stage of the game, you really don’t want to make any mistakes and bring in talent that just isn’t a good fit. You have so much at stake and your recruiting decisions need to be rock solid. So what do you need to do to prepare for your very first hires?

Basic rules: Some of the same rules apply in regular talent acquisition as they do in hiring for startups. For example, the experience of the candidate matters in terms of industry knowledge and their level of skill. But you may also want to see if that candidate has experience in a startup environment. That in itself can be a huge advantage because they will be familiar with the startup culture and the sense of urgency to make things happen.

Short term goals: You’ll also want to establish your short term goals when it comes to recruiting for your startup. What do you need to accomplish in your first 12-18 months after opening your doors and how can the people you bring in help you achieve those goals.

Social Media: Social media has two parts to it when it comes to recruiting. The first is that it’s just a great networking tool. Many great candidates can be found on Linked In. Take the time to do your research because there may be hidden gems out there on Linked In. The other side is the qualifying side. If you think you come across a good candidate and then their social media profiles indicate otherwise, that’s a decision you need to make to go any further.

Find a recruiting partner: Finding a recruiting firm that can help you speed up the process can be an invaluable investment. Many reputable recruiters have vast networks and a deep rolodex they can tap into when needed. If you have a particular needs such as in life sciences recruiting, many firms such as King & Bishop specialize in these areas and can save you immense amount of internal resources.

Is your company in startup mode? Contact King & Bishop today and find out how we can assist you in your talent acquisition needs.