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Jobs Market Holds Steady Entering The Fall

Whenever you look at data, especially when you are examining the monthly Jobs Report it’s all about placing those numbers in context. While this past Friday’s Jobs Report for September 2016 showed gains of 156,000 jobs for the month, we also saw that we have seen the average job gains for the past three months at 192,000.job search vacancy for jobs online job application help wanted h

Once again we saw the service industry take the lead in job growth. Professional and business services saw gains of over 67,000 jobs. The healthcare industry came in with over 33,000 jobs and foodservice and beverage with over 30,000 jobs in September.

According to the ADP Employment Report issued earlier in the week, it was large businesses (500 or more employees) that carried the bulk of job growth this past month with 64,000 jobs. Small business according to ADP created just over 34,000 jobs.

Revisions in the past three months of Jobs Reports were both up and down but the US is still seeing an average of just under 200,000 jobs created each month.

Our experts here at King & Bishop are on the front line of the labor market and we are still seeing impressive growth with the clients we are serving. That tells us the labor market is still hot.

The next Jobs Report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics will come out just before Election Day on Friday November 4. We’ll be watching.