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October & November 2023 Workshops

These workshops are exclusive for King & Bishop coaching, roundtable members, alumni, and friends! There is limited seating. All workshops start at 10:30 am EST and are completed by 12:00 pm EST. No more than ten participants per workshop. To sign up for a workshop, please email ccalnan@kingbishop.com

➢ Resume Techniques Workshop – Thursday, October 5 (AG)
The Resume Development Workshop will help you create an effective resume that clearly describes your features and benefits and the value you bring to prospective employers.

➢ LinkedIn Profile Workshop – Tuesday, October 12 (AG)
If you are not on LinkedIn, you are invisible. LinkedIn is a 24/7 Career Billboard. Are you using its full potential to get the position you want? Learn how to create a more effective LinkedIn profile using all the latest features and techniques.

➢ Interviewing Techniques Workshop – Thursday, October 19 (AF)
This workshop will demonstrate techniques to “tell your story,” improve your ability to handle tough questions, and highlight your value.

➢ Networking Workshop – Thursday, October 26 (AM)
This workshop will help you develop a networking strategy and learn tactics to build and maintain professional relationships.

➢ Job Search Sites and Tools Workshop – Thursday, November 2 (MC)
This workshop will primarily focus on helping you create a basic LinkedIn profile that makes you stand out and learn how to leverage various job site capabilities and Boolean search tools in your job search.

➢ Networking Brief? What, How and Why? – Tuesday, November 7 (AG)
Networking is essential to your career transition. It builds relationships that help you achieve your objectives, identify new opportunities, and provide meaningful interactions. It is necessary for your career management and development.
Your Networking Brief is a primary tool in your networking strategy. It is a high-level view of your qualifications and describes the work you want to do. It helps your contacts to help you. Unlike a resume, it focuses on what you want to do in the future.
Come to our workshop and learn how to build this tool. Understand how to use this in your networking strategy. Recognize how this integrates with your 30-second introduction and your LinkedIn profile.

➢ Offer Negotiation – Thursday, November 9 (AF)
The Offer Negotiation Workshop teaches you how to develop and execute a successful negotiating strategy and tactics.

➢ Your Network Introduction: What you want people to know when they meet you – Thursday, November 16 (AG)
No question causes more people a moment of uncertainty than being asked, “So tell me about yourself?” This workshop will give you the structure to frame your answer and give the do’s and don’t’s of what to say and how to say it. Working in small groups, you can craft your introduction and try it out.

➢ Your Video Brand: How to Be Great on Camera & Stand Out as a Professional – Thursday, November 30 (10:30 am – 11:30 am) (MC)
Hopping on a video conferencing call is now the norm, but do you feel fully comfortable and confident with using video so much? Are you able to highlight your ability and personality on camera to impress your audience, from colleagues and clients to recruiters and prospects? Stepping in front of the video camera with your message is the most effective way to build relationships (and sometimes the only option). Easier said than done, right? Learn from a former CBS news reporter how to embrace Your Video Brand and have fun going on camera!
Top 3 Takeaways:
✓ Learn the three keys on how to be great on camera and boost your confidence.
✓ Understand how to set up video conferencing like a pro.
✓ Get straightforward tips on elevating your presentation and interviewing skills.