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Trends to Watch In IT Hiring

Data CenterAs with anything related to our economy and hiring, there are trends that we need to be aware of. And as we have seen in the past several Jobs Reports, we are seeing hiring in Information Technology take off. A trend sure to continue.

As a recruiter near Boston, one of our specialties is recruiting for IT. And as we see in the article referenced below, there are trends shaping up as we head into 2015.

As hiring continues to be robust, we are seeing companies in this field build a more permanent workforce rather than staff projects with consultants. What’s right for your company? It all depends and our team can assess your needs and find just the right solution for you.

Other trends we are seeing that fall in line with the report are an increase in the demand for those with software skills. Cloud based technology has created a demand for those with these types of skills and with the ever-increasing risk of security issues, hiring for professionals with skills related to cyber security will continue to see a steady path of growth this year.

Check out the full article on Information Technology hiring in 2015.


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