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The Trend is Your Friend

By Mike Liuzza:

job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiA few months back during our regular in-studio visit for Fox News in Boston, we were discussing the upward trend in the jobs market. As we have seen several months of 200,000 plus jobs created, the anchor ended our segment by saying, “The trend is your friend.”

Friday, we saw the monthly Jobs Report come out and as expected, we are still seeing that upward trend in jobs created. The BLS estimated that over 321,000 new positions were created and ADP reported that over 101,000 of those were small business. So if you’re asking us, our friendly trend in recent months has been small business, companies with 1-49 employees.

As a recruiter in Boston, we are certainly seeing similar trends. We are seeing manufacturing pick up, and a trend we continue to see is hospitality.

Take a moment to view the USA Today article on the ADP Report and if you are a growing small business in need of HR services, please view the short video below that outlines how we can help you.


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