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More College Grads Entering the Workforce

As we approach January, we’ll be seeing a new batch of job-seekers; college grads. And the time might be right to explore what a recent college graduate has to offer your company. Depending on your industry and of course the position you need filled, a college graduate can be a smart move for any number of reasons.Keyboard with "Graduate" Button.

We often see companies kick off another big hiring season at the first of the year; filling any number and levels of positions. While as a recruiting firm in Boston, we have a great network of highly skilled and tenured candidates, we also have a growing list of talented college grads ready to hit the ground running.

A few items to think about when considering hiring a recent graduate. If you are looking to shape a new staff member into doing things your way, a new grad might be the way to go. While lacking in experience, the right person will make up for that experience in drive and determination.

Tech and social media: While social media can be an enormous disruption in the workplace, those companies that embrace it and encourage their staff to use it to share company news and content can benefit greatly. This age group has literally grown up with social media, so being a little open minded about the possibilities could help this part of your marketing.

If your budget is a concern and you absolutely need a position filled, hiring a recent college graduate can help you manage your budget by allowing you to bring in a candidate at a reasonable rate and allow them to prove themselves before climbing the ladder.

New ideas. If you crave new ideas, this might be the way to go. If you’re stuck in your ways and have no interest in finding different ways to do things around your operation, maybe not so much. But a young fresh face can sometimes shed light on age-old problems and come up with current day fixes that you may have never thought of.

We have all heard the pros and cons of hiring what we call Millennials and there have been some negative generalizations about this age group. But it all comes down to who you hire, screening that candidate and allowing a firm such as King & Bishop to aid you in that search.

If your 2015 calls for adding staff, please contact today and let’s discuss your options.