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Are we in a candidate driven market?

By Adam Lentz:

As a recruiter in Boston, we see all kinds of trends. We are always keeping up on the important happenings within our industry and following other experts to make sure we can make the best decisions for you the client.bigstock-job-search-vacancy-for-jobs-on-46555552

One trend that many recruiters are seeing now is that more and more job candidates are rejecting offers for a host of reasons. One main reason is that many companies are not acting quick enough to secure that talent. As many industries are in a hot job market, the candidate can essentially work other opportunities rather than relying on just one open position as has been the case in the past.

Companies that are eager to fill critical positions are now in a position that they need to act quicker in order to secure that talent and get them started in that new role.

In a survey of hiring managers that just came out, it was also noted that many candidates are now placing priorities on not just salary and benefits but on the ability to advance at a company. Many companies are now competing for great talent which is not such a bad thing in terms of where our economy is heading.

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