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Advanced Manufacturing Hiring Strong In Massachusetts

By Neal Fay:

Advanced Manufacturing is strong in Massachusetts and hiring is robust. Recruiters in Massachusetts are seeking qualified individuals for many positions around the Bay State but many manufacturers are having a few challenges finding just the right candidates.

In a recent Boston Globe article, they found that many manufacturerRobot arm in a factorys were not looking in the right places for qualified candidates. They are not using the great vocational schools we have in our area and many admitted to not using the services of recruiters in Boston and other areas. Manufacturing creates more than $40 Billion in the Massachusetts economy, far more than most industries so it’s a vital part of our well-being here in Mass. And it makes sense to have a partner in your recruiting.

We have been able to effectively network with many manufacturers here in Massachusetts and make available many of our qualified candidates in our network. Through SBANE and other organizations that represent small business and other manufacturers, we have had great success in helping companies build the teams that they need to grow.

We feel strongly that there really is not a labor shortage. The challenge is identifying the right candidate and getting them in front of the manufacturers that need their specific skills. It’s one thing that we do really well here at King & Bishop and our affiliated company, Finish Line Staffing. As baby boomers age out of the workforce, the need will become even greater in the next 10 years or so.

We have a great network here and can prospect, identify and secure the right candidate for your growth plans. We have a team that has specific knowledge of manufacturing needs and can capitalize on that expertise.

It really makes sense for us to have a conversation if you’re in manufacturing and are having trouble finding the right talent.