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5 Facts about the Cost of a Contract Recruiter

job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiWhen a company has aggressive hiring goals and they need someone to assist them in hiring, they should consider working with a Contract Recruiter. Take a look at the facts below to learn more about Contract Recruiters and how they can help your company grow.

1. Contract recruiter is paid and billed on an hourly rate.
There are many factors that go into the hourly rate. The primary driver of the cost is the basic supply and demand of the talent you are seeking. And the relative market for quality contract recruiters.

2. Cost depends on the level of talent required.
As we look at the vertical hierarchy in an organization cost may be indexed to the level of talent required. In short, a professional non-exempt recruiter working on the floor level positions will present a lower cost than a recruiter seeking professional service staff or executive positions.

3. The Economics of a position.
When discussing recruiting needs with King & Bishop we discuss the economics of the position. Supply and demand and the timing required to fill your position. In many cases depending on the industry it may take time to find the right candidates for your needs.

4. The Bottom Line.
Taking all these factors into consideration the investment in a contract recruiter may cost your company between $50 and $150 per hour.

5. Make the most of your recruiter.
Be upfront and thorough with what talent you are looking for. Tell your recruiter what individuals do well in your company, and do your best to describe the culture of your company. Together establish real time goals and expectations. Develop the parameters with you recruiter to include start and stop times, hour invested weekly and your investment will pay off.

To find out more about how King & Bishop can help your business watch the video below: