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A Large Local Financial Institution:

The Problem:

Our client had decided to outsource the processing of their employee benefits and were also implementing a Central Call System for all employee benefit and payroll questions. An outgrowth of this process was the redefining of work and roles of all Human Resources employees. As a result of this decision many positions were being eliminated. All HR employees were encouraged to apply for any of the newly defined positions they were interested in performing.

The Solution:

King & Bishop's Staffing Consultant was hired to coordinate, interview and participate in the hiring decisions for all of the newly defined positions. The presence of the consultant was to establish an objective, fair and impartial process. The consultant defined and trained a designated interviewing team to complete all interviews.

The Targeted Selection(c) method of interviewing and selection, based upon core competencies, was used. All candidates were interviewed using this method. Forty positions were posted and 65 employees submitted applications. Over 260 interviews were conducted.

The Result:

The project was completed within the three months. All positions were filled with internal candidates.