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A Major Developer of Commercial and Consumer Products

The Problem:

King & Bishop was contracted to define, evaluate, and implement technology and process improvements to maximize the efficiency and performance of an internal Human Resource Call Center (HRSC). The objective was defined as the need to improve services and credibility of the HRSC. The makeup of the HRSC was random personnel and processes with an unclear and/or undesired mix of tasks.


  • A "needs analysis" was completed and resulted in a project plan, designed and presented to ensure that the direction, modifications and expected results fell in line with the company objectives. Consensus was reached on all items.
  • Timelines were developed for the overall assignment as well as each tactical project requiring improvement:
  • Design and implement quality measurements and vehicles for continuous process improvement.
  • Identify and implement outsourcing opportunities
  • Maximize the use of existing technology reducing tactical clerical functions
  • Broaden HRSC Role enhancing the positions/identify and incorporate additional and higher level opportunities into the HRS
  • Define and implement a Curriculum Module for the HRSC function
  • Created individual development plans utilizing Job Modeling and Competency
  • Assessments


All goals and timelines were successfully achieved. Improvements to existing technology negated the need for additional capital expenditures. The call center became a recognized and sought out professional resource. Three labor-intensive repetitive processes were outsourced providing opportunities to assume delivery responsibility for more strategic functions.