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A Fortune 100 Technology Manufacturing Company

The Problem:

Our client was faced with hiring over 1,000 employees in six locations within a 12-month time frame. Resources, manpower, technology, and infrastructure were not in place to support and execute this initiative. Line Management and hiring managers needed to be convinced that a plan could be developed and executed. There were concerns on cost, productivity, and whether the staffing organization could complete the task.

The Solution:

King & Bishop formed a partnership with our client's staffing organization to assess, develop, implement and execute the staffing and cost objectives.

King & Bishop met with the client's Employment Management team and through a needs assessment, established how many technical and college hires were needed over the next twelve months. We jointly created a time line approach, phasing in technical and college recruiters at all of the six Northeast customer facilities. We established the recruiting profile of what skills, experience, behavioral profiles (work ethic, personality) were needed to successfully complete this program. College and Technical Recruiters, Project Managers, and Administrative support were sourced and hired to form the King & Bishop recruiting team.

Simultaneously, infrastructure and processes were developed and established to help identify, categorize, evaluate, and respond to the thousands of resumes that were sourced received, and responded to nationally. An applicant tracking system was implemented and then rolled out to line management.

Compensation and hiring strategies were developed and implemented.


King & Bishop met and/or exceeded the staffing, productivity and cost per hire goals that had been set. The staffing organization developed a reputation for delivery, service and subject matter expertise.