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Outplacement Services Overview

Executive and Professional Outplacement Services

Our goal is to provide our clients with effective, best in class career management services. Our clients enjoy tailored programs that meet their goals and objectives. Since every career is different and the needs of the market constantly vary through time and global influence, we approach our clients with skills and direction that meet these moving targets. In addition to our programs, there are several factors that add to each program including:

Consulting Staff – Our consultants come with experience in human resources, career development coupled with in house industry corporate exposure. They are active in the professional communities that they serve and are contribute to various publications and trade journals.

Clients and Alumni – King & Bishop has nearly 30 years of experience in human resources and staffing. We share our client’s candidacy with our customers and maintain contact with alumni from all of our programs.

Strength in Networking – Through our programs, we emphasize the power of networking for our clients in transition. We are proud of the communities that we participate in and readily provide client profiles to our clients and partners. Our affiliates section of our website provides a snapshot of these networks. We also include our partners in staffing firms, hr consulting firms, professional vendor community and affinity groups on a regional, national and global level.

Strategic Partnerships:
Our emphasis on partnership extends to both our clients companies and candidates. We assign one career coach to each candidate or project and our senior management works directly with the client organization. Through this process we are able clearly map out, communicated and executed with out conflicting messages to each party.

We leverage CheckMate, our online transition portal along with best practices in social networking. Our application for driving candidate visibility is K&B Connect. Our goal is to connect companies that are hiring to this utility so that our candidates obtain exposure to the hidden job market. In the ever-changing world of networking, it is critical to have a Career Partner that is current with all of the latest tools and trends that recruiters and networking professionals are utilizing. In that, we participate and moderate in multiple social networking groups that are geared towards employment related networking.