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Individual Outplacement Programs

The individual outplacement program offers one-to-one coaching for executives, managers, and individual contributors who have been released or laid off. The termination may be due to a lack of work, corporate cultural differences, reorganization, technical obsolescence or inadequate performance.

Two individual outplacement programs are offered:

Full Service Program

The full-service program includes unlimited private counseling until employment is secured. In addition, it provides customized research, financial planning, and administrative support.

Abbreviated Program

An abbreviated program consists of private counseling services for a designated period of time.

Both programs are highly personalized, intensive, and adapted to the specific and immediate needs of each individual. A rapport is developed with a consultant, whose purpose is to lend support and guidance. Career evaluation and self-assessment exercises, videotaped interviewing sessions, and research materials are provided. In addition, Internet access is available as well as a computerized database of companies. If appropriate, psychological, aptitude and interest testing is administered.

By participating in one of the individual outplacement programs, each employee acquires job search skills through a series of comprehensive modules in order to:

  • Analyze professional accomplishments
  • Write correspondence
  • Define a job objective
  • Source job opportunities
  • Establish a job search strategy
  • Develop interviewing techniques
  • Select and utilize references
  • Evaluate and negotiate offers
  • Prepare a resume
  • Adjust to a new position