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Group Outplacement Programs

The group outplacement program is utilized when a number of employees are terminated through a reduction in staff. Corporate reorganization, plant closing, merger, or acquisition may be the cause. The following services can be used separately or in combination:

  • Management Training Seminars

  • Coaching

  • Career Development

  • Career Transition Seminars

Management Training Seminars

Management training seminars instruct human resource professionals and line managers how to implement the notification of a layoff. Each manager is given the opportunity to discuss personal feelings as well as concerns regarding both affected and remaining employees. Common employee questions are identified, and appropriate responses are discussed. These seminars ensure that a consistent company message is delivered.

Job Search Seminars

Job search seminars, usually one, two, or three days in length, orient the employee to the outplacement program and address any initial emotional reactions. Trainers teach every aspect of the job search process, with special emphasis on utilizing available resources and preparing resumes and cover letters necessary to gain a competitive edge in the job market.


Coaching supplements the job search seminars and focuses on individual concerns. Each consultant assumes responsibility for specific employees, which assures a high level of familiarity and consistency. Workshops are given to small groups of employees for extra support in the areas of networking, resume writing, interviewing, selecting references, and targeting correspondence to various employment sources.

Career Development

Career development is an integral part of the group outplacement program and provides the vital link between employees and potential employers.

Career Transition Seminars

In today's business environment, many companies are often faced with the challenge of how to maintain a commitment to providing career transition services to their departing employees under ever-increasing budget constraints. King & Bishop's Career Transition Seminars offer a flexible and cost-effective way to continue to provide essential job search support for released employees who may not be eligible for individual services. The seminars are conveniently offered on a monthly basis. This provides companies with the flexibility to provide career services as the need arises.